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Renee has been with Bear Eye Associates for 17 years and is a "jack-of-all-trades" in the office. As Office Manager and Optician, Renee is usually at the front desk or helping patients select eyewear in the Optical Boutique. Renee is a Certified ParaOptometric Assistant and is also our HIPPA Compliance Officer. She assists the Doctor, helps patients with contact lenses and deals with insurance issues. Renee always "goes the extra mile" for our patients and her warm friendly personality consistently gets her the most gifts from patients during the holiday season. Renee enjoys spending time at the beach and participating in Greek activities at her church.

Jenn Jenn
Jenn manages the front desk and will greet you upon arrival. More than likely she will be the one who answers the phone when you call. Jenn previously worked for 7 years at an Eye Doctor's office in Ohio. This explains why she continues to be a Cleveland Browns fan. She is also an Ohio State Buckeyes fan which needs no explanation. (Isn't everyone?) Jenn likes to cook and bake, loves camping and spending summer days by her pool with her son, daughter and husband.


Heather is the newest member of the Bear Eye team. Heather is a Certified Nursing Assistant. She will perform your preliminary tests and prepare you to see the Doctor. Heather will also assist you if you get fit with contact lenses or need help in the Optical Boutique. She loves live music and is a regular attendee at the Firefly Music Festival. She also like to exercise, go fishing, spend time at the beach and eat sushi.


Kelsey received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Delaware and helps with billing and accounts receivable. Kelsey only works part time so you may miss her if you don't look carefully. She enjoys running, yoga, hiking and cheering for the Philadelphia Flyers. She also enjoys listening to Pearl Jam and reportedly is a closet karaoke star.

Athena Athena
Athena has been with Bear Eye for 2 years and helps at the front desk. She loves Greek dancing, water sports, scuba diving and rock concerts. She is an avid Eagles fan, proud grandmother and assists the Alzheimer's Association. She only works part time so your best chance to experience her bubbly personality is Monday or Wednesday evening.

Barb Barb
Barb has been with Bear Eye Associates for 16 years and travels all the way from Allentown a couple days each week to help us. She is a graduate of the University of Delaware and has held several national offices in her Church. Barb assists patients in our Boutique and at the front desk. She enjoys skiing and the Jersey shore, literally. She also bears a strong resemblance to another employee in our office.

Cathy Cathy
Cathy is a Licensed Practical Nurse with 99 years of experience in eye care. Cathy previously worked at the Nemours Clinic, and has been with Bear Eye Associates for the past 16 years. She drives all the way from her home in Seaford to help us. Cathy's warm and caring personality keeps many patients coming back just to see her. Cathy functions as an Ophthalmic Assistant for the Doctor and also as an Optician in the Optical Boutique. Unfortunately, you may miss her because she only works part-time. When at home, Cathy is active in her church and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.