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Cost of Contact Lenses

Every optometrist individually determines his or her fees for services. There are a number of factors that may go into determining the initial cost of contact lenses, and these may include the professional services necessary to provide the best lens selection and a good start toward safe, successful wear. If you are considering contacts, be aware that some of the services and materials that might be included in the initial cost are:

  • a thorough diagnostic examination;
  • a lens care kit;
  • lens wear and care training;
  • follow-up office visits over a specified period of time.

If you already wear lenses and need replacements, or if you want a spare pair, the total cost might include the actual cost of the lenses plus the fee the doctor might charge for his or her professional time. Again, every optometrist individually determines his or her fees, and there is no formula or standard fee for contacts or professional services.

It is certainly important to check out costs when considering contacts, but cost is just one factor in making your decision. All types of lenses are not the same. It is important for you to get the lenses that are healthiest for you and the professional services and follow-up care to help you wear your lenses successfully.

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